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The Robin's Nest Curriculum


 We believe that all young children benefit from: 

  1. Learning through play, hands on explorations

  2. A safe and supportive atmosphere with interested and well-trained adults

  3. Sufficient time to move through stages of development at their own rate 

Our goal is to ensure that each child is allowed to keep their sense of wonder and support each child in becoming a confident learner throughout life.  Our curriculum experiences are based on the children, their families, life cycles in nature and developmentally appropriate skill development in the content areas. Our program follows a predictable daily schedule that meets young learners' needs for consistent rhythm and routine.

We balance predictability with a healthy dose of flexibility by offering a mix of individual and group play, both quiet and active, as well as child and teacher initiated experiences. Our multi-age programs allow staff to meet both individual and group needs in a setting that promotes learning from and caring for each another. This family style approach fosters close peer-to-peer and student to teacher relationships.  These relationships lay the foundation for each child to thrive. 

We are committed to providing a variety of choices appropriate for children of all levels of development and an environment where all of our children feel successful regardless of their approach to learning.  Visit the development gallery and the program descriptions for more information.